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Vases are a versatile decorative accent. The Koonam collection not only stands for a clear and organic shape, but also for the invigorating momentum and the intoxicating power of a crystal-clear waterfall. It is only thanks to the complex but infinitely valuable production method of glass blowing that Guaxs can transform this magic of nature into a sculptural form. Whether a decorative vase or votive in indigo blue or smoky gray enriches the atmosphere of your space, Koonam Vase allows the calming and life-enhancing force of nature to breathe. The hand-cut facets, in combination with the organic form of the Koonam collection on Guaxs, form a subtle to strong stripe motif, depending on the color of the vases and tea lights. Koonam Vase is offered in a range of muted but also striking colors and the vases and tea lights make a wonderful eye-catcher, both individually and in combination. A truly modern design, display this unique Koonam Vase as a sculptural object or fill it with flowers or stems to create a lively work of art. This outlined accent Koonam Vase would be ideal for a centerpiece on the dining table or at your next event. Home or office decor at its finest.

Height: 17.7 inches
Diameter: 12.6 inches
Opening: 3-6 inches
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