Collection: CULTI MILANO

CULTI MILANO was founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer whose personal research forever linked the world of design and the world of the senses. In 1998, while weaving beautiful home objects using wet rattan sticks, Agrati decided to re-scent the foul-smelling sticks by dipping them in perfume. The result was the most magnificent home fragrance diffusion that he continued to smell throughout the entire room. Ahead of his time, Agrati realized that spaces and objects might have their own scent too; that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality, in addition to beautiful things in pleasant rooms. With his invention of the Rattan sticks to diffuse perfume in the air, CULTI MILANO became the pioneer of home fragrance diffusion and revolutionized the very way in which people experience spaces and objects.
  • Made by hand in Holland

  • Works with most commonly found countertop surfaces

  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility