A culmination of seven years exploring the globe, residential designer Peter Oleck & Furkan Tan's new showroom, Pietra Casa, in Coconut Grove, Florida, flaunts an exquisite collection of home accessories, materials, lighting and architectural elements that can’t be found anywhere else.

Why did you decide to open Pietra Casa? After years designing projects like the Mondrian South Beach Hotel and homes from Golden Beach to Harbor Island, I wanted to create a space that offers specialty goods for luxury homes, hotels and restaurants. Teaming up with Turkish designer Furkan Tan, we’re creating new bespoke pieces and a furniture line called Carbon Studio. In this world of fast-paced mass-production, we want to bring back a sense artisanal manufacturing and products that are driven by authenticity and quality.

What sets your shop apart? Our goal is to showcase objects from all over the world that aren’t widely represented in North America: European furnishings, volcanic light fixtures from Mexico, Italian hand-stitched leather trays, mouth-blown German glass, Turkish linens and more.

What’s next for you? Pietra Casa offers an immense array of products, and it’s impossible to feature everything. So, we expect to open new locations in Los Angeles, New York and Istanbul that continue creating this true sense of luxury living.

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