Collection: Effepi Rubinetterie

The story of Effepi traces its roots back to the post-war period in the Lumezzane area, a highly industrialized district characterized by centuries of hard work and specialist skills, where the work culture has always played a primary role and where man has focused on developing industrial activities to compensate for a natural environment that is not particularly generous and often inhospitable. A constant research into improved quality standards, the intent of local firms to be the driving force of events, to be at the centre of the action in order to achieve innovation and prosperity, have made this area an industrial and commercial pole that is acknowledged worldwide, an undisputed expression of quality and stability.

Effepi was founded in the heart of this district in 1949 by Faustino Pintossi, who started out in business with his four sons; manufacturing activities were managed by the latter, following the premature death of their father. Effepi has its headquarters in the original offices of the former Bernocchi cotton mill, one of Lombardy’s leading examples of 19th-century
industrial architecture. The economic boom of those years facilitated the consolidation of associated companies managed by the family, who relocated the foundry to Tiarno in Trento province and the production of siphons and drainage outlets initially to Casto in Vallesabbia and subsequently to Lodrino in Valtrompia. In the course of the years, these production units were united and integrated in what is now the Effepi plant.
  • Made by hand in Holland

  • Works with most commonly found countertop surfaces

  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility