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Collection by Guaxs is like a trip to the exciting and exotic island of Madagascar. The inspiration that the German family company drew for these glass vases is based on the dreamlike place Taomasina, whose French name is "Tamatave". The shape of the glass objects is reminiscent of either traditional woven baskets or exotic fruits that bring joy and excitement to the eye. The mouth-blown glass Tamatav Round Vase with their unique hand-cut surface are just as valuable and desirable as a stay in the deepest south of the world on the dream island of Madagascar. Traditional and dreamy, exotic and exciting, the glass Tamatav Round Vase from the Tamatav collection are special accessories for every interior. The Tamatav design is available in other sizes and shapes. The handmade and mouth-blown Tamatav Round Vase's from Guaxs impress with their incredible variety, so that you can combine them as you wish. There is a suitable glass object from Guaxs for every occasion and every celebration, for every corner of your living area. This Tamatav Round Vase masterpiece is the epitome of perfection for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Tamatav Round Vase is a great addition for enhancing the ambience but simultaneously maintaining the balance and harmony of any room of your home or business!

Height: 13 inches
Diameter: 13.7 inches
Opening: 6 inches
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