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RA LINE SMALL PENDANT BY D'ARMES - start from $2,000

RA LINE SMALL PENDANT BY D'ARMES - start from $2,000

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Design by Alexandre Joncas

RA Line is distinguished by a marked opposition between heaviness and lightness. The borosilicate glass tube that pierces the supports accentuates this rivalry.

Initially made of neon, often associated with the strong white light that illuminates stores or with colored and bright signs at night. D’Armes renews our view of this object by giving it a noble design that becomes the centerpiece of luxurious and warm lighting. Their LED tubes encapsulated in hand-bent glass produce a warm light with adjustable colour temperature from 2700k to 4000k and up to 1900 lumens. RA lights seduce and surprise with the hypnotic light and aura they emit.

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