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Effepi Rubinetterie

EFFEPI RUBINETTERIE | OT58 Deck mounted Faucet - $1,127.00 - $1,447.00

EFFEPI RUBINETTERIE | OT58 Deck mounted Faucet - $1,127.00 - $1,447.00

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Basin single lever mixer with click-clack waste.

Effepi's story begins in the post-war era of the industrious Lumezzane region, renowned for its work ethic and specialized craftsmanship. Founded in 1949 by Faustino Pintossi and his four sons, Effepi emerged as a symbol of quality and innovation in an area known for its industrial prowess. Housed in the historic Bernocchi cotton mill, Effepi's journey saw expansions to Tiarno and Lodrino, consolidating its production units into the present-day Effepi plant. Today, Effepi stands as a beacon of quality and stability, rooted in a legacy of dedication to excellence and industrial advancement.

Dimensions: 5.51" L x 10.24" H


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