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MIRROR/ Zero Fading Wood Revamp 2 - $6,750.00

MIRROR/ Zero Fading Wood Revamp 2 - $6,750.00

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In Mirror/Zero Fading Wood Revamp 02, the amber nuanced crystal layer, featuring a mirror gradient, results from an innovative craftsmanship technique, is juxtaposed to a sought-after walnut briarwood veneer. A frameless and sleek appearance, together with a faint tilt of the lower part of the mirror, provides a twist in the subject's perception by increasing the engagement and highlighting the thinness and lightness of this unexpected two-dimensional wall décor composition. Reframing and recollecting the finest 900’s Art Deco collections, this outstanding eclectic and minimalistic Edition aims at emphasising the décor statement function within the contemporary Interior lexicon.

  • Folded metal sheet structure with flush mount metal brackets, layered walnut briarwood and mirror gradient crystal bronze glass slabs, hand-ground.

  • Measures: H 157,5 x 35 x 1 cm, lower part tilt 8°

  • Net Weight: 10 Kgs

  • This product is entirely handcrafted in Italy. Colour and textures may slightly differ depending on devices, and remain unique for each creation since the handcrafted features of this object.

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