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MIRROR /Zero Fading Brass Revamp 1 - $6,300.00

MIRROR /Zero Fading Brass Revamp 1 - $6,300.00

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The frameless and sleek appearance of an extra-thin sheet of solid brass, together with its faint tilt, provides a twist in the subject perception, increasing the engagement and highlighting the thinness and lightness of this unexpected two-dimensional composition. By featuring a hand-applied polished gradient, carefully blended with a burnished satin matt texture, this décor piece is the ambitious result of an innovative craft technique of shallow shades, provided by a multiple-steps finishing combination. Furthermore, a trompe-l’oeil effect changes the observer's perception according to the point of view, melting objective and subjective dimensions through a fading metal sheet, which seems to almost disappear into the wall.

  • Folded satin burnished solid brass sheet, with flush mount metal brackets

  • Measures: H 157,5 x 35 x 0,5 cm, lower part tilt 8°

  • Net Weight: 13 Kgs

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