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Medium Brick Side Table in Natural Barked Hornbeam Trunk - $810.00

Medium Brick Side Table in Natural Barked Hornbeam Trunk - $810.00

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A family of poufs with Nordic suggestions, Brick XS/S/M/L are made from a section of debarked hornbeam trunk. Available in different heights and diameters, these are products with a contemporary charm, which aim to enhance the naturalness of wood. Natural barked hornbeam trunk section. Technical features related to our wooden stools, table base and coffee table made in hornbeam wood. The wood is barked on its natural shape, that means: > shape: the perimeter can change from “nearly round/oval” to a “petal shape”; > finish: the stools/bases are completely natural, it means that they are just barked. Their finish can change from “cleaned/bleached” to “dark spots finish”. Even if the material is previously dried, the trunks can have some visible cracks already by buying them or later on after using them. Being the stools a completely natural product characterised by all the above mentioned features, the images of the catalogue suggest an indication only. We cannot grant that the final products will be exactly the same as represented in the catalogue.

Dimensions: Height: 17.72 in (45 cm) Diameter: 16.15 in (41 cm)

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