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Knot Cilindro Pendant - $4,201.00

Knot Cilindro Pendant - $4,201.00

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Knot Cilindro Pendant is a stately fixture that combines coarse natural fiber with smooth, transparent blown glass creating a contrast as striking as it is dignified. A cylindrical glass shade is penetrated by a robust cord that seemingly pulls the bottom of the glass inward for a bemusing plastic effect.

The LED light source is housed in a handsome top hood, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in refined metal. Knot is well-suited to both private and public interior spaces and makes a particularly impressive statement above dining tables.

Available in two sizes with a Copper, Chrome Black, Brushed Stainless Steel, or Brass finish with matching canopy, and a Smoke Grey, Smoke Brown, Transparent Opaline, or Transparent glass shade.

Cord length must be specified upon ordering and is not field-adjustable. Please contact our sales team.

11.81"W x 18.38"H

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