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HELIOS Candle Refill - $85

HELIOS Candle Refill - $85

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"Cor Caroli" is a subtle dialogue between Gaïac woods, cypresses and Galbanum. Between hot and cold...... But a warmth that is both animal and comforting and a freshness that is as deliciously spicy as it is beneficial. A balance that this fragrance owes to its powerful aldehyde top note, florale and delicately milky, but also to an olfactory crescendo evoking a real volley of green wood: cypress, cedar, Siberian pine... The whole is subtly softened by heliotropin, patchouli and leather. A delicate touch of saffron brings the right amount of bitterness. At final, a fragrance evoking in turn a fugue in the heart of a French garden or a moment to smell the sap escaping from a freshly broken branch.

"Mu Virginis" is first and foremost a flight of white, pure, fresh and frank fleurs where magnolia dominates, of course, but also lily of the valley and jasmine. Then, a peppery accord here, there a spicy note of cardamom. And, little by little, the fragrance reveals its beautiful complexity: fleurs transparent (helional hint), notes of buds, sandalwood and musk..." Mu Virginis" is all this, both carnal and romantic, powerful and expressive, but it is also and above all a note florale uncomplicated and exalted. A fragrance that speaks to the heart as much as to the body, in a clever blend of fièvre and fervour... And which, even though we think we have surrounded it, already reveals something else: a fluffy texture, a pink accord (violet, absolute iris). An absolute, certainly.



"16 Tauri" is based on a powerful woody accord of sandalwood, amber and incense. An olfactory composition where Cardamom, Geranium, Bulgarian lavender and bitter almond are also intertwined. All this creates a bouquet that is both woodland and floral, dense and acidic. A trompe l'oeil walk, an initiatory journey where you first encounter the subtle aromas of a simple garden (verbena, rosemary, sage...) to better surrender to powerful more mystical scents (labdanum, patchouli, incense). As bucolic as it is scholarly, 16 Tauri elegantly plays on the eternal quarrel between the profane and the sacred to prefer the essential: an invitation to vertigo... 



"Erakis" is a charming dissident, a beautiful escape. A base of fleur of sour orange tree (bitter orange tree) that would have been infused in a bath of perfumed milk, then awakened in fresh water. From the first, she would have inherited this milky veil and this deliciously gourmet note that invites lime blossom, musk, girofle and tobacco accords. In the second, she would have drawn this sparkling and impertinent note, this clever agreement from fleurs transparent. There is something almost oriental, bittersweet, like a cologne whose house would wrap itself in delight and laziness... But nothing regressive or vaguely nostalgic. "Erakis" is a fleur to orange its time well, full of vigour and temperament.


100 Wx H 50 mm

Burning time : +/ - 24 hours

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