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Heiko 43 Side Table - $1,810.00

Heiko 43 Side Table - $1,810.00

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From the Japanese equilibrium, stability, Heiko calls to mind the shape of the tables, defined by curved lines, with a rounded base which seems to float on the surfaces. Simple geometries and full volumes are combined and superimposed, giving life to soft architectures in which every element coexists with the others. Four dimensions and three natural colours which remind us of the materiality of the earth, bringing the mind back to an oriental imagery. The collection is made up of side tables made of high-density polymer and finished with a clay layer. Matt stain-proof treatment. Available in four sizes and three colours: Ombra, Cassel or Siena.

Dimensions: Height: 11.82 in (30 cm) Width: 35.44 in (90 cm) Depth: 35.44 in (90 cm)

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