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Ghost 81 King Knock Down Bed in White Linen Upholstery - $6,320.00

Ghost 81 King Knock Down Bed in White Linen Upholstery - $6,320.00

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Ghost beds make up a family in which each product comes in different variants and sizes: single and double beds available with or without headboard in different sizes to adapt to any type of project. Ghost beds have essential, minimal, geometric shapes. The main feature of Ghost is added to the polyurethane foam padding, namely the removable cover, an oversized housse whose shape is emphasised by the visible stitching, allowing it to be put on and taken off in a flash. A textile product that easily changes appearance, allowing you to go from a formal to an informal look with ease and speed. Upholstered knock-down bed, removable cover. Adjustable slat supports, space for slat and matress: 5 - 10 - 15 cm. Suitable for all kindof slat frames (slat frame not included)

Dimensions: Height: 35.44 in (90 cm) Width: 112.21 in (285 cm) Depth: 86.62 in (220 cm)

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