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CURZIO I Dining Table by Borzalino

CURZIO I Dining Table by Borzalino

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Curzio is a dining table with wood legs and a metal core which can be produced in numerous shapes and sizes.‎ Thanks to its stable structure and aesthetically versatile looks, it allows a large choice of marble or wood tops.‎
Also available in square and round versions.‎

Legs: solid natural oak or lacquered in different colors with embedded metal core lacquered or galvanized.‎
Support top: wooden lacquered MDF thickness 0.9", with contoured edge.‎
Top: marble 20mm with contoured edge roundish.‎


CR12: 47.2" W x 35.4"D  x H. 29.5"
CR14: 55" W x 35.4" D x H. 29.5"
CR22: 86.6" W  x 43.3" D  x H. 29.5"
CR24: 94.4" W x 43.3" D x H. 29.5"
CR26: 102" W x 43.3" D x H. 29.5"
CR28: 110" W x 43.3" D x H. 29.5"

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