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FULGOR MILANO | 36 Inch Induction Freestanding Pro-Ranger - $9,499.00 - $10,728.00

FULGOR MILANO | 36 Inch Induction Freestanding Pro-Ranger - $9,499.00 - $10,728.00

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This 36 Inch Induction Freestanding Pro-Range from Fulgor Milano features True European Convection, using a fan to circulate inside the oven and allowing the food inside to cook faster and more evenly. The Four Pane Glass Door with cool-door technology ensures you will never have to worry about accidentally touching a hot oven door. A Self-Cleaning mode means you won't have to scrub the interior to keep it clean. The 20W Halogen Lighting provides plenty of light for easy viewing. The Meat Probe is perfect for keeping tabs on large roasts and poultry dishes. When your dish reaches the preset internal temperature, the oven beeps and turns itself off - giving you optimal temperature control.

True European Convection
  • The dual flow system allows for perfectly even heat circulation for multi-level baking, leaving no cool areas in your oven, allowing food to be baked or broiled quickly.
4 Pane Glass Door
  • The Four Pane Heat Resistant Glass door cooling system ensures you will never accidentally touch a hot oven door.
Easy to Clean
  • Without any grates, the black ceramic glass cooking surface is easy to clean. Just wipe down on the smooth top after you are done cooking or apply soap to makes it easier for yourself.
Induction Technology
  • With 9 power levels, this induction range is energy efficient while being safe on your hand as induction technology only heats induction cookware. So you will never have to worry about accidentally touching the cooking surface, but just be careful of hot
Dual Max Power
  • Large pans receive full power for capacity and consistent heat distribution while cooking. The 11" Dual Induction Zone offers a fifth burner for any size pan at any power level for ultimate flexibility.
Booster Function
  • There is no need to shift your pots or pans around, you can boil water fast with the booster/fast boil function on each zone.
Digital Minute Minder Control
  • Set it and forget it! The Digital Minute Minder chime will remind you of the end of the timer cycle.
Command Control Knobs
  • Quick control, efficient and fast, a choice that combines style, practicality and professional touch.
Meat Probe
  • No need to manually stick a food thermometer to measure their temperature. Leave it to the meat probe to do the work for you and using the white LED temperature display to show you the temperature it is at.
Oven Function
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Roast
  • Convection
  • True Convection
  • Warm / Proof / Dehydrate
  • Electronic Cooking Programmer
  • Meat Probe
  • Self-Clean
  • Sabbath Mode
Width: 35 3/4 Inch
Depth: 29 3/4 Inch
Height: 36 3/8 Inch
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