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CE PETIT WALL SCONCES BY D'ARMES - start from $3,000

CE PETIT WALL SCONCES BY D'ARMES - start from $3,000

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Design by Alexandre Joncas

Cé jostles the obvious association between fringes and lighting by unveiling a classic revisited. The Cé Collection is inspired by Cécrops, who is believed to be the founder of Athens according to Greek mythology and would be the first native person. Spontaneously born from the earth itself, it was believed to be born half-snake half-man. The fringes recall the fluidity of the snake and the disc sends us back our reflection, bringing us back to our origins. Its anthropomorphic shape on the wall and the fringes that sift the light evoke a presence in the room. The Cé Wall honours the first nations.

The unique movement of the fringes brings a fluid effect, distinguishing this piece from previous collections, all the while remaining faithful to the minimalist look of candid lines present in each of d’Armes creations. By dimming the light, the fringes create a plush atmosphere.

This lighting has been created for muted spaces, like a boudoir or a hotel.

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