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B 140 I Dining table by Borzalino

B 140 I Dining table by Borzalino

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B140 is a round dining table with or without Lazy Susy.‎

Base support: in metal, load-bearing shape section three feet at the center, each foot is covered by a piece of poplar multilayer contoured, then coated with fiber and leather stitched tailoring that emphasize the shapes.‎
Support top: wooden lacquered MDF thickness 1"  and diameter of 60", with contoured edge inclined.‎
Top: Marble 0.7" to three cloves of 120 ° each with contoured edge inclined that finds support top.‎
Detail: Marble top that in the middle has an empty space of 1.9" diameter, where you can place two different central caps.‎ One, coated in leather of 1.9" in diameter and 0.7" thick which can be positioned at the same level of the marble top.‎ The second one, Lazy Suzy of 20" diameter also coated in leather, which can be positioned 0.3" higher level than the marble top, and rotates through 360 °.‎

DIMENSIONS:  6.2" DIAM. X 2.9" H

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