Aiming to balance function and shape, style and comfort, luxury and rigor, shake signs a contemporary concept of design that redefines and reinvents materials, techniques and outlines. A new aesthetic takes form, out of a timeless elegance that extends from tradition to innovation, as the result of the cross-research carried on among furniture design, art and fashion.


The magic happens when the natural beauty of Travertine marble meets Shake Design’s trademark style.
The elegant Vogue island furnishes the kitchen area with flair yet practicality, providing plenty of workspace and storage, thanks to a large and deep work surface with drawers concealed in the structure.


Shake Design creates both funcional and contemporary items with a unique style, which are able to concilate the highest artisan tradition with the use of sophisticated production technologies. The result is a Made in Italy project gathering needs and tastes of an international audience.


Modern kitchen with island and pantry in bronzed glass by Shake Design


Feel, a new aesthetic of timeless elegance between tradition and innovation, the result of a cross research between design, art and fashion.
Wooden kitchen, with hanging cupboards, washbasin area and cooking area on a central island. Light bronze metal inserts, stoneware worktop